The Power of Geography – Review

This is a review written by Edouard Molhant Proost of the book ‘The Power of Geography’ by Tim Marshall Tim Marshall’s new book ‘The Power of Geography’, a sequel to his first book ‘Prisoners of Geography’, encapsulates what happens when a journalist is no longer constricted by a few pages of space within which they can write. In his new book, Marshall sweeps across the … Continue reading The Power of Geography – Review

Inequalities Compromising Development

This essay, by Bertie Low OS, was the winner of the Rhodes Prize, 2020. We first have to establish what is meant by the term “inequalities”. According to the UN, inequality is: “the state of not being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities”[1]. But we must also observe that it is plural. Therefore, we must look at the different kinds of inequality. There are two … Continue reading Inequalities Compromising Development