The Team – 2020/21


Jasper Sodha

Geographic Interests:

  • Volcanology – Monitoring (especially geodetic) and risk management to improve lives
  • Urban Areas – Planning, designing and implementation of technologies to improve quality of life for residents now and in the future

Jasper enjoys the breadth of geography and is particularly passionate about how geographies improve lives, be in mitigating the effects of natural / anthropogenic disasters, or improving the places in which we live. He enjoys drawing interconnected links between topics whether they are of the human or physical realm.

Executive Editors:

Oliver Stone

Geographic Interests:

  • Population Dynamics – The demographics of urban areas and the distributions of wealth, ethnicities and age groups
  • Urban Development – The relationship between socioeconomic policies and their impacts on the development of cities and countries

Ned Andreae

Geographic Interests:

  • Development in LICs – The issues with development in LICSs, fighting corruption and making sure that money is used appropriately and effectively
  • Migration – The effects of international migration on destination and source countries, particularly the socioeconomic benefits that host countries experience from an influx of migrants

Senior Editor:

Fynn Priest

Geographic Interests:

  • Socio-Economic – The relationship between economic elements such as income and social factors such as inequality, as well as the effects of demographic changes to the economy
  • Natural Hazards and its Effects – Previous responses and means of preparation, as well as the impacts of the greenhouse effect and climate change with predictions for the future


Cosmo Le Breton

Geographic Interests:

  • Migration – The short and long term causes and effects of migration at a local scale, as well as global migratory patterns
  • Ecology and the Physical Environment – Climate change, habitat deterioration, natural resource management and protecting habitats whilst balancing the impacts on the economy as well as livelihoods on national and international levels.