The Founders

Founder & Lead Designer

Jasper Sodha has a passion for the holistic nature of geography. He enjoys the interactions and interconnections between different strands of geography. Whenever possible, he tries to draw links between how the physical world can impact humans, and vice versa. Some of his work on Venice (tourism and the lagoon) is on the RGS website! He is particularly interested in urban geography and volcanology. Jasper is a member of the school’s geography society as well as co-chair of the political, global and entrepreneurship societies. He loves photography (having won the school’s geographical photo competition a couple of times), and regularly takes photos for numerous high-profile school events, one of which included a visit from The Queen. You may even see some of his photos as the featured image for posts on here, and the school’s website. He is an academic scholar, ‘Chairman of The Eton Society’ (Prefects), plays hockey for the 1st XI and loves public speaking.


Oliver Stone is interested in Human Geography, more specifically the challenges and opportunities of development. Furthermore, he finds population dynamics and the distribution of wealth, ethnicities and age groups very interesting. Wanting to study Land Economy at university, Oliver continuously draws links between geography, economics and politics. As a member, he regularly attends the multitude of events held at the Royal Geographical Society in London. He is a keen cricketer having played at Lord’s and you can often find him down at the nets!


Ned Andreae has an interest in the developmental and societal impacts of human geography, exploring the significance of diversity and cultural integration in our communities. He also examines the discrepancy in opportunities between different income groups and the impact this has on intellectual development and success in individuals’ careers. He is particularly fascinated by the impacts of migration on destination countries and the net benefits migrants bring in many different forms, whilst also focusing on development in low income countries and how to overcome the issues that these governments face when trying to establish themselves in the global viewpoint. Ned is a member of the school’s sports society committee as well as being involved in schools’ sports teams across football and cricket in his year groups A teams, whilst fulfilling the role of House Captain.