Inequalities Compromising Development

This essay by Bertie Low OS was the winner of the Rhodes Prize 2020 We first have to establish what is meant by the term “inequalities”. According to the UN, inequality is: “the state of not being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities”[1]. But we must also observe that it is plural. Therefore, we must look at the different kinds of inequality. There are two … Continue reading Inequalities Compromising Development

A Defence of Tied Aid

The Importance of Tied Aid with respect to Human Rights

Tied (or conditional) aid is portrayed as toxic by the media, criticised for its perceived controlling and restrictive nature. This seems to contradict the beneficent and altruistic philosophy of aid. Afterall, research shows that due to the monopolising power of donor countries, the cost of goods and services can rise by up to 30%. Continue reading A Defence of Tied Aid