Trump’s Mexican Border Wall

This Review was written by Zachary Grassby on the effectiveness of the US-Mexican Border Wall. Introduction: In 2016, Donald Trump stormed into the White House, largely due to one defining campaign slogan: “Build that wall!” The idea of a 20ft high concrete wall separating the US from Mexico rallied Republican support and the promise that Mexico would pay for its reinforced voters’ hopes and expectations. … Continue reading Trump’s Mexican Border Wall

The Power of Geography – Review

This is a review written by Edouard Molhant Proost of the book ‘The Power of Geography’ by Tim Marshall Tim Marshall’s new book ‘The Power of Geography’, a sequel to his first book ‘Prisoners of Geography’, encapsulates what happens when a journalist is no longer constricted by a few pages of space within which they can write. In his new book, Marshall sweeps across the … Continue reading The Power of Geography – Review