Trump’s Mexican Border Wall

This Review was written by Zachary Grassby on the effectiveness of the US-Mexican Border Wall. Introduction: In 2016, Donald Trump stormed into the White House, largely due to one defining campaign slogan: “Build that wall!” The idea of a 20ft high concrete wall separating the US from Mexico rallied Republican support and the promise that Mexico would pay for its reinforced voters’ hopes and expectations. … Continue reading Trump’s Mexican Border Wall

Global Influence of Transport

This essay was written by Alastair Campell and was shortlisted for the FT x RGS Essay Competition. Explain how transport changes might help the world to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement, an international treaty on climate change, aims to limit global warming to well below 2°C of pre-industrial times; preferably lower than 1.5°C. The global average temperature is currently around … Continue reading Global Influence of Transport