Cursed Map of Europe

This is a map of Europe! Or is it? You may notice that some areas of this map seem to be missing or incorrect and your challenge is to identify them. There are 18 changes in total, and they all take the form of an area being replaced by another area, something being removed from the map, something being stretched/warped or multiple countries being combined. Good luck!

The Answers:

  1. Iceland has been replaced with Hispaniola.
  2. Great Britain has been swapped with inflated Wales.
  3. Ireland has been removed.
  4. Norway has been replaced with the Kamchatka peninsula, squashing Sweden.
  5. The Baltics have been swapped with Greece, leading to a longer North Macedonia and a squashed Bulgaria.
  6. Denmark has been swapped with the Crimean Peninsula, and the Crimean Peninsula has been replaced with Jutland (Continental Denmark)
  7. Belgium has been removed.
  8. Luxembourg and The Netherlands have been conjoined into Long Luxembourg.
  9. The Iberian Peninsula has been replaced with the Korean Peninsula, squashing France.
  10. The Apennine Peninsula has been replaced with Florida.
  11. Austria has been “enlongened”, squashing Switzerland.
  12. Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro have been combined.
  13. Sardinia, Corsica, The Greek Islands and Cyprus have all been removed.
  14. The North coast of Africa has been swapped with the north coast of Russia.
  15. Nepal has been added to Turkey.
  16. Lebanon and Israel have been replaced with Georgia (the country) squashing Syria and Jordan, but embiggening Africa-Russia.
  17. Georgia (the country) has been replaced with Georgia (the state) squashing Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan.
  18. The Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf and Aral Sea have all been replaced with Black Seas minus the Crimean Peninsula.